Does Yogurt’s Live Bacteria Lead To Longer Life?


For years now, we have long been searching for foods which will serve as the ‘fountain of youth’ and help prevent the signs of aging from showing up. If there is one food that comes close to bagging this title, it is the healthy, deliciously light snack that we have all come to love: yogurt.
In other countries where yogurt and other dairy products which are fermented serve as their staple food, the people live longer lives as compared to those who do not consume as much yogurt. This is due to the fact that yogurt contains live bacteria and microorganisms which provides a host of health benefits like helping boost your immune system and keeping a good balance between the good and bad cholesterol.

So, whether you like it plain or fruit-flavored, make sure that you get your daily serving of yogurt and eat your way towards a healthier, longer and more youthful life.

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