Teach Your Kids To Climb The Pyramid



Children, who start eating healthy early in life, are more likely to continue eating healthy throughout their lives. Nutritional needs change as a person grows, but the importance of nutrition begins in early childhood. Infants receive all of their nutrition from breast milk, or formula. Small children eat what we offer them, and it is up to us as parents to make sure that we provide the nutrition they require.

If you offer a child healthy food choices from all of the food groups, instead of junk food alternatives, you are safeguarding their health, and teaching them to eat healthy.

As parents, we teach our children by example, even when we are unaware that they are learning from us. We’ve all seen this perfect example happen; a swear word mumbled under our breath, is heard by little ears and repeated from a little mouth. The same thing happens with our eating habits. If our children see us choosing junk food over healthy food, they will do the same. If we encourage our children to make healthy choices, by making healthy choices of our own, these habits will stay with them forever.

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